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The film star performing the film star: Asta Nielsen in Die Filmprimadonna (DE 1913)

October 26, 2015

An excellent Silents Please appreciation of Der Asta and Die Filmprimadonna!

Silents, Please!

AstaNielsen_Filmprimadoona_cardvia European Film Gateway

“Lower the flags in her honour; she is incomparable and without peer.” So wrote early film theorist Béla Balázs of Asta Nielsen in his 1924 book Der Sichtbare Mensch (The Visible Man). It is well-known that Nielsen was one of the first international film stars; the archetypal screen examplar of the New Woman, acclaimed around the world for her artistry. No secret, either, that’s she’s one of my favourite actresses. Nielsen was also an astute businesswoman and producer who was keenly aware of her star image, and of her available films, nowhere is this more in evidence than in her 1913 release Die Filmprima-donna (The Film Primadonna).

02-Die-Filmprimadonna-1913-Asta-Nielsen-letter-detailThe film prima-donna receives a script.

Even among the many films of the teens that comment on the medium of film and/or the film industry, Die Filmprimadonna is notable for its ‘behind the scenes’ look at the…

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  1. Glad you enjoyed, Paul, I know you’re another Asta fan! 🙂

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