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После смерти | After Death (RU 1915)

May 18, 2015

Silents, Please!

The luminous face of Vera Karalli.

For me, Yevgeni Bauer is one of the cinematic greats of the teens, and of silent cinema in general.  In a word, his films are elegant.  Always beautifully composed in terms of framing, editing, and mise-en-scène, most of his films that I’ve seen are society dramas with a strong psychological dimension and often a gothic sense to them.  His most frequent collaborators were actresses Vera Kholnodnaya, so loved that when she died in 1917 Russia declared a national day of mourning; actress and ballerina Vera Karalli; and cinematographer Boris Zavelev (who later shot Zvenyhora); of course, he also worked with many other leading actors and personnages of the day.

После Смерти (After Death; translit. Posle Smerti), starring Vera Karalli and Vitold Polonsky in the lead roles, was released a few days after Christmas in 1915.  It tells the story of Andrei Bagrov…

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